Professional in Human Resources International-

The first Approved Preparation Provider in Greece for PHRi by HRCI!


PHRi or Professional in Human Resources-International Certification is one of the most prestigious certification on a global scale in the field of HR! This Certifcation is issued by HR Certification Institute, also known as HRCI!

Workearly HR School, powered by Reatcode, has been accredited by HRCI as the only Approved Preparation Provider in Greece for the PHRi Certification.
This practically means that HR Professionals who want to be certified as PHRi can contact Workearly and participate in the preparation program, pass the exams and claim their certification! Workearly provides participants with the training material they need, as well as special guidance, in order to succeed in the exams.
The exams are conducted remotely via HRCI's exams platform!

About HRCI

Based in Virginia, United States of America, HRCI is the oldest certification and training organization in the field of Human Resources. With a presence of over 45 years, HRCI has created leading HR professional programs, based on the needs of the modern global market!

Why PHRi?

In Greece

Stay ahead of the competition! 

Not until recently, HR Professionals based in Greece could not address to an Approved Preparation Provider for PHRi in Greece. 
As of 2023, Reatcode is proud to announce the launch of this Certification. Therefore, PHRi professionals in Greece, at this point, are too few!


"i" in PHRi Certification stands for "international"! For this reason, PHRi certifies global skills, rendering professionals qualified to work abroad either remotely or on-site!

As a PHRi certified professional, either in Greece or anywhere in the world, you will be able to demonstrate your complex and elevated skills in HR!

ΤΕΥΧΟΣ HR Professional 203 

HR School by Workearly: Η επανάσταση στην εκπαίδευση των νέων HR Professionals
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Download the course syllabus

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For your participation in the program, your profile should belong among the three types on the left!

Profile #1

HR professionals with at least 1 year of experience in HR positions and a Master's Degree in HR or related.

Profile #2

HR professionals with at least 2 years of experience in HR positions and a Bachelor's degree in HR or related.

Profile #3

HR professionals with at least 4 years of experience in HR positions.





8-10 months
Depends on you and your schedule!
Level of difficulty: Demanding
The exams address to HR professionals with a very good knowledge of the HR market and corporate structure.

Live support and monitoring of each trainee from the training teams. 


September 2023

Secure your spot! There is a limited number of  seats!


Early Bird Summer Offer: - 20% 

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Our Reviews

"Προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα τόσο το σεμινάριο Hr, όσο και την ίδια την ομάδα. Το κόστος είναι πολύ χαμηλό σε σχέση με την παρεχόμενη υπηρεσία. Συνέπεια, επαγγελματισμός, οργανωμένο και πλήρες υλικό εκπαίδευσης, προσωποποιημένη αξιολόγηση, άμεση ανταπόκριση στις απορίες και ανάγκες του εκπαιδευόμενου, πρακτική εξάσκηση με study cases, επαγγελματικές συμβουλές για ένταξη ή ανέλιξη στην αγορά εργασίας, υποστήριξη σε όλα τα επίπεδα! Σας ευχαριστώ!."

Αφροδίτη Σαββίδου 
"Η επιλογή μου να εκπαιδευτώ στο κομμάτι του HR μέσω του Workearly αποδείχθηκε η καλύτερη. Η σωστά καταρτισμένη ομάδα με βοήθησε να αποκτήσω τις γνώσεις και την αυτοπεποίθηση για να κάνω το παραπάνω βήμα στη νέα πορεία μου. Θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω ιδιαίτερα την Τζωρτζίνα και την Ράνια για το personal coaching και την μοναδική συνεργασία όλο αυτό το διάστημα."
Stella Lioliou